Mission and Goals

The mission of Voy Spears Jr. Elementary is to meet the learning needs of each individual while creating an inclusive and unified community.
We are dedicated to …
Helping students foster a love of learning
Building a collaborative community
              Creating a safe, caring environment

Voy Spears Pledge:

As a Voy Spears Falcon I will always do my BEST.

B-Be a responsible student

E-Expect my best

S-Show safe behavior

T-Treat others respectfully

Goals and Expectations:

  • Provide an all inclusive academic curriculum that goes beyond the basic skills
  • Students will develop positive character traits
  • Students will have the opportunity to use updated technology
  • A spirit of community togetherness will be fostered through service projects and activities to enhance the school environment
  • Strive to earn superior scores on statewide testing